Thursday, 5 December 2013

Urban Sketching, Saturday 7th Dec. in Istanbul


Urban Sketching = sketching ( drawing ) in the city > the people , buildings etc in the street, on the metro, in cafes etc 

Time \ Date: Saturday 7th  Dec.  3pm – 5pm

Meeting Place: entrance (not inside) of Starbucks 18 Istaklal Cad., (careful, there r 2 StBks in Istaklal…. it’s the 1st - near the beginning, ( 5 mins walk from Taksim Metro

Suggestions for future locations: ???

Suggested material: note pad or paper (200g or more if going to add splashes of wash, board, soft pencil eg 3B -8B ( mechanical pencil can be more practical for quick sketching ) rubber
,... if u don't have material I am happy to lend u some basic paper and pencil which is perfectly good enough to get by with :) if not done before (but obviously feel free to take whatever u want! ):
if time isn’t good get in touch - maybe can change / have 2 groups

Contact: Dave :  \ fone: 0539 736 9624 ( take contact in case get lost!!)

CHOCA ( Chill Out Community Arts ) Encouraging everyone to ‘do’ art: activities = donations only

if u want to go a different time tell me - maybe we can get 2 sessions!


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