Thursday, 16 January 2014

URBAN SKETCHING (drawing) Tooting, Sat. 3pm

a) URBAN SKETCHING (drawing) Tooting Broadway, Saturday 3pm – 5pm
Ur Sk = drawing in the city > the people , buildings etc in the street, on the tube, in cafes etc 

b) GET 2GETHER: Meet up after in some local Café J  5pm - 6pm: 

TIME / DATE: Saturday 18th Jan. 3pm – 5pm ( 3pm - 10 mins.  tolerance wait … if late catch us up – we’ll only be a walk away!)

MEETING PLACE: Outside Tooting Broadway Tube Station, London

RAIN? Don’t worry- we can go to Tooting market J

PRICE: Donations only

TECHNIQUE HIGHLIGHT: ‘Fast and furious’ – sketching overall impressions

‘CHILL OUT ACTIVITY’: group drawing

LEVEL: all levels welcome (1st timers to professional artists) Participants r invited to contribute with own experience / knowledge / activities

1) paper  a) if only penciling photocopy paper = OK    b) if adding watercolour, paper = at least 200g
2) pencil – for sketching HB – 6B
3) pens black waterproof   .35mm - 1.0mm
4) rubber, sharpener, drawing board + clips  

,... if u don't have material I can lend basic paper + pencil ok to get by with :) 

Ur. Sk. 11th Jan ( by Leicester Sq.)

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