About D4EE

DRAWING 4 EVERY1 EVERYWHERE ( D4EE ) = a community drawing group encouraging every1 to draw at donations only price

D4EE welcome all equally to draw, if u r a top professional drawers or have drawn in your life. As far as D4EE r concerned the important thing is simply to draw and not worry if it's good or bad. 



1, DRAWING COURSE ( 10 x 120 minute sessions)  - eg at schools, community clubs etc ... there is a syllabus. 


B, DRAWING CLUBS - most clubs = weekly 2 hour sessions. 
Some  people come regularly while others pop along when in town! Attendance varies between 1 to 20 people but usually about 5.  

b1: Urban Sketching: draw whatever u see around the city ( people, trees, buildings etc in the park, on the bus, in cafes etc

b2: Life Model Drawing - Model: nude, clothed, semi nude

b3: Drawing Each Other: As a group we take it in turns to draw / be drawn ( about 15 minutes each person) 

b4: Drawing, Doodling, Scribbling club: a hotch potch of drawing activities, sometimes with tips other times just doing it



c1, -  Drawing Faces to Music - 10 drawing activities while listening to music - eg draw each other / from photos / from imagination: Look at e.o. not at paper / from upside down fotos / always keeping pensil on paper / giant collage + tips on face proportions



d1, Thematic Murals: eg happpy birthday / immigrants' rights / women's day etc  


D4EE is run with CHOCA = Chill Out Community Arts
> http://chilloutcommunityarts.blogspot.co.uk which runs various  ‘chill out’  ‘community’ arts activities 
-  creative writing,  
- storytelling, 
- painting > http://painting4every1everywhere.blogspot.co.uk/

and has a community arts house 
> http://chilloutcommunityartshouse2.blogspot.co.uk/

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