30 Day Drawing Challenge

30 Day Drawing Challenge: 

1 Draw as many faces from magazines / newspapers as possible in an hour

2 Draw 5 everyday objects always keeping the pencil on the paper

3 Draw ur hand drawing r hand

4 Draw ur other hand ( ur non-dominant one )

5 Draw a monster + the monster’s best friend

6 Draw 5 objects with ur non-dominant hand

7 Draw the room u’r in now
8 Look in the mirror and draw that part of urself

9 Look at an everyday object for 2 minutes. Then draw it from memory

10 Draw ur bedroom from memory

11 Divide paper in 4. Doodle / scribble in each part while listeing to different 

music for each part

12 Doodle / scribble the same object as in no. 11 style while listening to the same
different pieces of music.

13 A: Draw 10 teardrops B: Make each drop into a bird by adding legs, wings, c

rest, tail, eyes, beak.

14 Draw 5 everyday objects without looking at the paper - u can look when ur 

 pencil ISN’T on the paper

15 Draw the room / people in a public place: park / café / library / bus (= urban s

16 Draw / design a cartoon family of 5 + give each character a name

17 A: Draw 5 kidney beans B: Adding head + 4 limbs draw them: walking, s
tanding, running, walking, sitting

18 Draw 5 everyday objects with ur finger on a smooth surface (eg paper / table etc )  but do not make any real marks

19 Draw the outlines ( including the ‘inside outlines’ but not shading ) of 5 e
veryday objects.

20 Draw 5 objects with as much shading as possible

21 A: Scribble / doodle for 10 seconds. B: Turn the S / D into a piccy

22 Draw a family of 5 aliens + their food and spaceship. What is the name of each alien?

23 Write down 4 animals. Take the legs, middle, head, tail of each and cre8 a 
new animal. What is its name?

24 Draw the cover of ur favourite book

25 Illustrate ur favourite poem

26 Fold paper in 4 to make a card. Think of friend / family u haven’t seen for a
long time. Draw on front, write message inside, make envelope, send it 

27 Draw 5 faces: Woman, man, old w., old m., boy, girl + emotions: happy, angry, sad, confused, in love, tired.

28 Draw as many cartoon faces as pos on 1 paper

29 Draw as many cartoon people - whole bodies as pos on 1 paper

30 Draw ur head by slowly feeling it with ur non-dominant hand while drawing 
 with ur dominant one

+ EXTRA :) !! Draw anything however u want
how long will it take u to do the 30 day challenge? there is no rush!
As well as fun some of the 30 days also have drawing techniques / tips. For more 
info > DCL’s FB album ‘30 Day Drawing Challenge’ >

. To be included in the album https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.979524708866608&type=3
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