Equipment Suggestion

here r some things to consider when selecting drawing equipment
"Sometimes we take so much equipment it actually gets in the way: less is better" Agree or disagree??
Suggesting equipment to people is awkward because every1 has their own style. 
When u see  pen / crayon / pencil consider if it should be waterfast or watersoluble Fat medium or thin? soft, medium or hard
Fast sketching often is best with fat soft pencils, 
Detailed slow drawing often best with thin and hard.

Urban Sketching:  drawing what u see in the street, park, cafĂ© etc
Pencils - remember a sharpener! pens, crayons - waterproof or watercolor, watercolor paints, paintbrushes: if u take a bottle for ur watercolors make sure the top doesn't leak all over ur drawings!!! tissue paper - toilet paper or kitchen towels 
Paper: photocopy paper if not adding water / the more water u add the thicker the paper if u don't want it to get all crinkly
a board / hard back book to rest ur paper
waterproof bag for the paper if it rains
WEATHER / CLOTHING: comfortable shoes, hat, sunscreen, rainproof mac, sweater  ///  
FOOD: water, banana, chocolate, money to stop off in a cafe / supermarket  
EXTRAS: fold away fishing stool

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